Soups & Salads

Lentil Soup

Sm $2.99 Lg $4.99


Chicken & Rice Soup

Sm $2.99 Lg $4.99


Greek Salad

Sm $4.29 Lg $7.99


Taboule Salad

W/ Pita Sm $4.49 Lg $7.99


Forouko Salad $9.49

Large Greek Salad Topped w/ Grilled Chicken


Combo Salad $8.99

Large Greek Salad Topped w/ Taboule


Gyro Salad $9.49

Large Greek Salad Topped w/ Gyro Meat


Yalanji Salad $8.99

Large Greek Salad Topped w/ Yalanji


Falafel Salad $9.49

Large Greek Salad Topped w/ Falafel



2 Pc Fried Chicken or Fish Special $8.99

Includes Sm Salad & French Fries w/ Drink $9.49


Spinach Pie & Sm Greek Salad $9.49

Greek pastry filled w/ chopped Spinach, Feta cheese & Egg


Mousaka & Sm Greek Salad $9.99

Layers of eggplant, Potato, Beef & Cheese


Pastitsio & Sm Greek Salad $9.49

Greek Lasagna Topped w/ Tomato Sauce


Gyro $6.49

Gyro meat, Onion, Tomato, Tziki Sauce


Gyro King $6.99

Gyro meat, Onion, Tomato, Tziki Sauce, Feta Cheese


Gyro Supreme $7.49

Extra Gyro meat, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Tziki Sauce, Feta cheese


Gyro Chicken $7.49

Grilled chicken, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Tziki sauce


Shawerma $7.49

Beef or Chicken ~ Onion, lettuce, tomato with Tihini Sauce


Feta Grilled Pita $5.99

Pressed Pita w/ Tomato, Feta cheese & Greek dressing –Add chicken $7.99


Gyro Platter $9.49

Or Chicken/Falafel platter Plate with Greek salad & Fries


Chicken Combo $9.49

Grilled Chicken, Hummus, Taboule, w/ Pita Plate


Cheese Steak Sub $7.49

Or Chicken & Choice of veggies


Vegetarian Falafel $7.49

Onion, Lettuce, Tomato w/ Choice of Tihini or Tziki sauce


Yalanji $7.49

6 Stuffed Grape Leaves ~Vegetarian w/ Pita & choice of Tziki or Hummus 

Side Orders 


W/ Pita Sm $5.49 Lg $7.99


Baba Ghanoush

W/ Pita Sm $5.49 Lg $7.99 


W/ Pita Sm $5.49 Lg $7.99

Extra Pita 


French Fries |Feta Fries

Sm $1.79 Lg $2.99| Sm $2.55 Lg $3.99



Sm $1.80 Lg $2.99


Rice Pudding

Sm $1.49 Lg $2.95

Theo's Kitchen Greek Salad Dressing 11.15oz $8.49

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